Our brand Wheels magazine was approached to produce expert, paid-for content to publicise the 2017 eight-passenger SUV, the Nissan Patrol. The client asked us to address the perception that the Patrol is predominantly aimed at the local, Arab market.

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As the biggest selling automotive magazine in the UAE, with 100,000 unique page views online per month, Wheels has an exclusive position in the market. Recognising this, we utilised our motoring expertise and asked an ex-rally driver and regular contributor to the magazine to write an overview of the Nissan’s attributes, in a style that was appropriate and engaging for Wheel’s intelligent, car-loving audience. The article was also published online, where wheels.ae has the attribute of being available in both Arabic and English. The piece acknowledged how Nissan wished to promote their vehicle’s off-road abilities and alluded to the SUV’s family-friendly, on-road credentials.

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With a readership profile of males between the ages of 25 and 45, who hold post-graduate degrees and have an annual income of Dh200,000, we were able to engage a key audience for Nissan. Uniquely, the majority of our readers have said they were thinking of purchasing a new or used car in the next six months, which was an important target market for Nissan.

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