Speedo wished to engage with the next generation of swimmers and their parents through their Speedo Swim Squads lessons, which take place in Dubai. The brand asked for a multimedia approach to the campaign, which captured their target audience through social media, online and print channels. Speedo also wanted to demonstrate their brand value of local involvement with communities.

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We used our Baby & Child publication’s monthly event to target Speedo’s desired demographic. Working with social influencers, we contacted mothers with young children and following an email marketing campaign to readers, as well as promoting the lessons online and on social, the event was oversubscribed. In addition to running print and online advertising, we also created two videos. The first was a short lesson from one of the Speedo instructors and the second was a more general piece about teaching babies to swim, with a subtler corporate tone.

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Through our campaign we successfully engaged Speedo’s target audience, through social, digital and print. We were able create a memorable event that resonated with our readers on a personal level. Around 68 per cent of Baby & Child’s readership are stay-at-home mums, with disposable income, and we managed to capture this key market’s attention.

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